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Racing Dinghy Insurance

Use our Quick Quote facility to obtain a quotation for Racing Dinghy insurance in less than a minute.

Simply select your dinghy class from the pick list and enter the brief details requested.Our policies for racing dinghies provide 'new for old' cover on all items other than sails or protective covers over 3 years old.

Cover is on a comprehensive basis, and includes £5,000,000 Third Party insurance.

You may view a Racing Dinghy policy wording or return to our homepage to get a quote for other boat types.

Dinghy racing can be an exciting hobby, occasional pastime or a full time competitive sport. Whether you enjoy the fantastic coastal scenery or the thrill of adrenalin, when you go dinghy racing, it is important to have the peace of mind that racing dinghy insurance provides, to allow you to compete at your best level.

Racing Dinghy Insurance Quotes

Naturally of course, it also protects your vessel from the costs of potential damage. When encountering particularly turbulent waters in such close proximity to other boats, the threat of knocks and scrapes is unavoidable. More comprehensive policies can also cover your dinghy against fire, theft and vandalism even when it isn't in use- something which those who take up the sport competitively will no doubt wish to consider.

The type of racing dinghy cover online you search for will naturally depend on a number of different factors, including how often you use your dinghy, where and for what use. Whatever level of cover you are seeking, we can provide you with racing dinghy insurance quotes almost immediately. Thanks to our adoption of the latest internet technologies, we are able to increase the speed of our service, so even if you've left it until the last minute, we'll still be able to help.

Racing Dinghy Cover Online

For the keen enthusiast, the cost of purchasing their sailing dinghy along with all its related equipment and accessories can really begin to add up, which is why we do our best to keep the cost of your cover down.

Our customers also find it refreshing to know that all our policies are written in plain English, to enable you to make sure your agreement covers everything you need it to, without having to sift through pages of jargon! This allows you more time to spend out on the water, enjoying your chosen activity! Whether you've just bought a new dinghy or your existing policy is coming to an end, compare our dinghy racing insurance quotes to see how we could help.

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