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Canoe Insurance

Use our Quick Quote facility to obtain a quotation for Canoe insurance in less than a minute.

Low cost, comprehensive canoe insurance and kayak insurance can be purchased in a matter of seconds, and your policy will be emailed to you immediately.

You can also view a sample Canoe & Kayak policy before you purchase. Cover includes £5,000,000 Third Party insurance as well as theft and accidental damage.

In addition to use on inland and coastal waters of the UK, our Canoe and Kayak insurance includes cover for up to 30 days on the continent of Europe.

Whether old or young, male or female, canoeing has something to offer everyone. However, whether you prefer the calm steady waters of canal paddling or the challenge of white water racing, it is important to ensure your vessel is adequately insured.

Canoe Insurance Quotes

In order to get the right cover, your insurance should be tailored to your specific needs. At Craftinsure we customise your policy to your particular type of boat. Not only does this provide you with a more efficient type of cover, but it also helps to save you money.

When looking to compare canoe insurance online, there are other factors likely to impact upon your final decision, including what you use your canoe for, how often and where. Canoeing is a popular activity for those who want to keep fit, enjoy time with the family or simply just for enjoyment.

If you take part in the activity to enjoy lovely coastal scenery just a few times a year, your requirements will naturally be different to a more keen enthusiast. Similarly, those who take up the sport competitively, taking part in competitive sprints or paddling in more turbulent waters will need to think more seriously about the exact specifications of their insurance.

Compare Canoe Insurance Online

When searching for canoe insurance quotes, naturally budget will also be present in your thoughts. We make use of the latest internet technology to offer our customers great prices on policies available as quickly as possible. Therefore if you've left it a bit late to source your cover, we may well still be able to help!

As well as offering significant financial protection, for an activity that leaves itself vulnerable to a variety of mishaps, canoe insurance also provides valuable peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy the open waters without any concerns.

Whatever type of vessel you own and wherever you use it, why not see how we could help.

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