• The boat will be ashore or afloat on inland and coastal waters of the UK including the Channel Islands and Northern Ireland including IOM.
  • The boat will be used for private and pleasure purposes only.
  • The boat will be maintained in a seaworthy condition.
  • Any outboard motor will be attached to the boat by a purpose manufactured anti theft device, and a note of the serial number of the outboard motor will be retained. The tender will be marked with the name of the parent craft.
  • The boat has her permanent home mooring in the UK.
  • If the boat is over 20 years old, and more than 23' in length, you possess a full out of the water condition survey of the boat, carried out within the last 5 years by a qualified yacht surveyor, and with all recommendations completed (or a survey carried out within the past 7 years if the boat is already insured by you with Craftinsure).
  • The boat is not more than 50 years old now.
  • Neither I nor any co-owner have any convictions or pending convictions
  • The boat has not been modified in a way that affects its' seaworthiness
  • I have no health issues that affect my ability to operate the boat
  • If the boat is in Scotland or Ireland, or on Lake Windermere, she will be in a marina or ashore between 15/10 and 31/3 when not navigating.

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