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Whilst we all hope that normal boating activities can resume in time for the new season, it’s vital that we still check our boats and carry out any essential maintenance even during this difficult period as far as possible.

If you can’t get to your boat for any reason, try and arrange for someone locally to take a look and alert you if they see anything amiss. If in a boat yard or marina, make sure their staff check your boat on a regular basis and inform you of anything they believe needs to be done.

Here are some important checks and basic steps needed to ensure your boat stays shipshape.

  • Dinghies and smaller craft must be securely tied down to the ground.
  • Yachts and larger craft ashore for the winter need to be well supported. Vibration from high winds can caused chocks and supports to work loose.
  • Canopies and covers may need to be resecured or replaced if necessary.
  • Are hatches and other openings still secure?
  • If left afloat, check if mooring lines need adjustment.
  • Low in the water? Heavy rain can find any openings and if leaves and debris block drainage channels, water may find it’s way below.
  • Leaking stern glands and split or perished outdrive bellows are other common causes of water ingress which can reach a critical point if not dealt with.
  • Don’t rely on automatic bilge pumps. They can fail for a number of reasons, including exhausted batteries. 
  • Any heaters or dehumidifiers left operating during the winter should be checked on a regular basis. Are they set up in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations?
  • Make sure you keep a list of emergency contacts and download our App.

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