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You/your/yours = the policyholder

We/us /our/ours =

"Your Boat Name" = The boat herself, her machinery, tender(s), trailer(s), gear and equipment as would normally be sold with the vessel.

Europe = European Union member states as well as Norway and Switzerland.

Local Club Racing = Racing at events organised by and held at a club local to you, and of which you are a member.

Marina = A secure and sheltered mooring complex providing controlled access to berths and pontoons. Excluding facilities with floating or temporary breakwaters.

Racing = Participating in any organised competitive event with a designated start and finish; speed tests and connected trials.

Seaworthiness = constructed, maintained, and crewed in such a way as to be able to operate safely and be fit for use within the Territorial Scope stated in the policy.

Terrorism = The use or threat of violence or force to influence government or to intimidate the public for the purpose of advancing a political, religious or ideological cause.

Total Loss = Where your boat is irretrievably lost or destroyed.

Constructive Total Loss = Where the cost of replacement or repair will exceed the total sum insured.

Unattended = When you, or someone appointed by you, is not in a position to monitor the boat and be able to go to her immediate aid when needed.

Contractual liabilities = Liabilities assumed under contract, incurred solely by an agreement entered into by you.

Kill cord = An engine cut out device specifically designed to stop the engine automatically when the helmsperson moves away from the controls. The killcord must be attached securely to the helmsperson before the engine is put into gear.

Personal Effects = any items normally worn or carried about the person; including items of your guests or crew members while aboard

Recognised mooring = A professionally laid and maintained yacht mooring or sheltered anchorage that appears in a marine publication such as a chart, almanac, or area/pilotage guide.