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Governing Law

Your policy is governed by the law that applies to where you reside in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or Isle of Man.

Relevant to the entire policy


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Territorial Scope:

Ashore or afloat on inland and coastal waters of the United Kingdom, Eire,and Continent of Europe, Brest to the river Elbe, including inland continental waterways North of 40° 30' North, and West of 10° East. During the period 1st May to 30th September this area is extended from Bordeaux to Stavanger, including theBaltic not North or East of Stockholm.

Accidental Damage & Theft cover. What is covered:

We will pay for physical loss or damage to “Boat Name” whilst ashore or afloat, being lifted, hauled out or launched, or in transit by road within the UK (provided by professional road haulier if over 30ft in length).

What is not covered:

Conditions which apply:

Personal Effects. What is covered:

The personal effects of “Mr A Sample” are covered against loss or damage whilst on board or used in connection with “Boat Name” up to a limit of £750.

What is not covered: 

Liability to Others. What is covered:

What is not covered:

We will not pay for any liability claims arising from:  

Exclusions which apply to the whole policy.

The first £100 of any claim, doubled whilst racing or whilst moored afloat between 15th October and 31st March unless within a marina. Please note that craft based in Scotland or Ireland are required to be ashore or in a marina when not navigating during this period.

The excess is reduced to £100 in respect of Personal Effects, tenders and outboard motors not exceeding 10hp, or where a claim occurs within a marina.

We will not pay any claims arising from:


We shall not provide coverage to you or any other party to the extent that such cover would violate any applicable trade or economic sanctions law or regulation.

You have agreed:

Information you should provide

You must tell us immediately if at any time any of the information is incorrect or changes. If we have wrong information, this may result in an increased premium and /or claims not being paid in full, or your insurance may not be valid and claims not paid. If in doubt about any information, please contact us as soon as possible.

Changes in information we need to be informed of include, but are not limited to, the following examples and apply equally to all persons covered under the policy:

Your insurance may not be valid until we have agreed to accept your changes and we will be entitled to vary the premium and terms for the rest of the period of insurance.

You should keep a record of all information supplied to us in connection with this insurance


Renewal: In accordance with the Terms & Conditions agreed when purchasing or renewing your policy, we will until further notice charge the credit or debit card registered with us when payments become due. Renewal terms will be emailed to you 30 days prior to the renewal date. We may vary the terms of the policy (including the premium) at renewal. On the renewal date, we will automatically apply for payment of the premium due. If you do not want to renew the policy, provided you tell us or cancel your policy online before the renewal date, we will not renew it.

Accidents and Claims:

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Contact us:

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