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Yacht Insurance

Craftinsure offer a wide range of yacht insurance options suitable to cater for all of your yacht insurance requirement including cruising multihull, cruising yacht, dayboat, keelboat and racing yachts.

At Craftinsure we understand that your yacht means a lot to you and we take just as much pride in insuring your yacht as you do sailing it. Our competitively priced insurance rates mean that you can get the best cover for the most reasonable price.

Craftinsure offers four different types of insurance depending on the type of yacht you would like to insure. The first that is available is the cruising multihull, this is ideal for those who have a larger yacht with more than one hull. The second is cruising yacht, the type for long distance journeys that also have the facilities for users and the crew to comfortably sleep and live on the boat on a long term basis. Next the dayboat and keelboat insurance is perfect for small to medium sized yachts capable of sailing short distances and for use for short periods of time for recreational use. Lastly it is also possible to cover your racing yacht with Craftinsure perfect for large, high speed vessels.

Yacht Insurance Quotes

All of our yacht insurance quotes are based on vessels priced under ?600,000 and those that are less than 20 years old and less than 23 ft. For more expensive boats, those that are older than 20 years of age and larger than 23 ft, please contact one of our experts today on the telephone number or email number provided.

Compare Yacht Insurance Quotes

Craftinsure is dedicated to providing the best online yacht quotes with the most comprehensive cover and competitive prices. If you are looking to compare yacht insurance quotes do not hesitate to contact Craftinsure today with additional quotes from various providers and we will do our upmost to accommodate the type of cover you are looking for. If you are happy to complete online ? simply fill in the specific details such as boat class, boat value, boat age, storage area, previous claims and proof of no claim bonus to receive an instant quote today.

For further questions and information on yacht insurance call Craftinsure now.

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