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The Craftinsure Web App has full functionality, allowing you to manage your boat insurance, at your convenience, on your phone., which has been setting the pace since becoming the first online boat insurer back in 2001, have turned the old fashion world of boat insurance on its head again

The world has moved on, we all use our phones to bank, to call a cab and to check the weather, surely you should be able to sort your boat insurance out on your mobile?

Number 1 for convenience and price, Craftinsure have not made the boring world of boat insurance really interesting, but they have made it really easy

You can take pictures of your boat and the most expensive bits of kit and store them in the App, so if the worst happens, the claim is made easy

You can make a claim direct from the App on your phone and check progress through the App

The repairers you may need to get back on the water are all on the App and the repairers are listed nearest to where you are

As you would expect the App will notify you of forthcoming renewal and you can change your premium payment method on the App

You will be able to geolocate your boat on the App

The App will alert you when a major storm is on the way, but it will only give you the ‘heads up’ if the storm is due to hit you, as we know where you boat is moored or kept. We also know what sort of boat, so we tailor the help to be relevant to you

As with all Apps, this is the first release, and we are already excited about the updates we have planned which will make the App smarter and smarter

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