Canoe & kayak insurance

Canoe and Kayak

What is canoe & kayak insurance?

Canoe and kayak insurance protects your craft against theft, loss, and damage.

It’s also there to protect you against the risks associated with paddling on the sea or inland waterways, such as third-party claims for injury or property damage.

Benefits of canoe & kayak insurance through Craftinsure

  • 20 years in the industry
    We’re boat owners too, and we’ve been helping others embrace their passion for paddling for over 20 years
  • Direct to you
    We can offer competitive premiums since our Quote and Buy process is entirely online
  • European cover
    We include 30 days cover in continental Europe for your canoe or kayak

What does canoe & kayak insurance cover?

  • Loss or damage, including accidental damage
  • Theft following forcible removal or forcible entry
  • Repair or replacement (up to the sum insured)
  • Up to £5m third-party cover
  • 30 days European cover
  • Replacement or payment of the agreed value of the craft after a total loss
  • Loss or damage whilst in transit by road
  • Cover for others using your boat (with your permission)
  • Legal costs
  • Loss or damage caused by the vessel being in an unseaworthy condition
  • Wear, tear, depreciation or gradual deterioration
  • Theft of outboard motors (unless securely locked and you have the serial number recorded)
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • Loss or damage to personal effects
  • Loss or damage whilst the craft is left unattended afloat
  • Operation outside of the territorial scope shown in the policy
  • Wilful misconduct or recklessness by you or other persons in control of the vessel
  • Racing or speed trials
  • Loss or damage to canoes or kayaks caused during white water use above Grade II

Why should I consider insurance for my canoe or kayak?

Paddling in your canoe or kayak with only nature’s sights and sounds around you is incredible. It’s one of the easiest ways to escape the stresses of everyday life and gain some perspective.

Yet, as with any outdoor hobby, it doesn’t come without the possibility of an accident.

Say you lose control of your kayak and accidentally injure another person. Or you lend your canoe to a family member, and they accidentally run it over rocks, damaging the hull.

Taking out specialist insurance for your canoe or kayak can protect your craft against the unthinkable, so you have complete peace of mind when paddling in the UK or continental Europe.


Canoe & kayak insurance FAQs

How much does canoe and kayak insurance cost?

Kayak or canoe insurance policies through Craftinsure start from £36 annually.

That said, a few factors affect the cost of your insurance, such as your claims history and the class and value of your craft.

You can get an online quote in minutes to discover the cost of your cover.

Do I need insurance for a kayak or canoe?

While kayak and canoe insurance are not legally required, many boating or canoe clubs require proof of cover to become a member, so you should keep this in mind if you plan on joining one.

Most inland waterways and lakes will insist on you having at least Third Party liability cover before you can use them.

Aside from this, you might want to consider canoe or kayak insurance for peace of mind when out paddling. Craftinsure allows you to build an online quote so you only pay for the cover that best suits your needs.

Do I need a license to kayak or canoe in the UK?

Yes. To paddle on the inland waterways of England, you will need a small craft license from the Canal & River Trust.

However, if you’re only paddling on coastal waters or estuaries that don’t require a license, you may not need one (but be sure to check each location’s website).

Is it legal to kayak or canoe on a canal?

Yes. You can paddle on inland waterways across the UK as long as you have a small craft license from the Canal & River Trust.

Can you carry a kayak or canoe on your own?

It’s certainly possible if you take safety precautions, especially when you’re heading into the water.

Ensure you wear your PFD before lifting it onto your shoulder. It will protect you from the craft’s rim and weight and keep you safe while boarding it.

Which water grades will I be covered for?

Through Craftinsure, your canoe or kayak insurance covers you for use on inland waterways, coastal waters, and white water river sections up to Grade II.

However, loss or damage to canoes or kayaks caused during white water use above Grade II is not covered.

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