RIB Insurance


What is RIB insurance?

RIB (rigid inflatable boat) insurance is designed to protect your vessel from theft or damage. It’s also there to protect you, your passengers, and others from the risks associated with boating on the sea or inland waterways.

Having specialist RIB insurance can ensure that you’re covered against third-party claims arising from accidents on the water, and the loss, damage, or theft of your boat.

Benefits of RIB insurance through Craftinsure

  • 20 years experience 
    We’re boat owners too, and have been helping others enjoy their passion for over 20 years
  • European cover
    30 days cover in continental Europe, including liability cover for waterskiing and wakeboarding
  • Claims tracking
    You can notify us of a claim 24/7, and will receive an email acknowledgement immediately, so you can have peace of mind when the unexpected happens

What does RIB insurance cover?

  • RIBs up to 50 knots
  • Loss or damage from fire or theft
  • Loss or damage during transit by road
  • Third-party cover up to £5m (including waterski and wakeboard liability)
  • Repair or replacement (up to the sum insured)
  • Recovery of the vessel following a loss
  • Underwater gear
  • Trailers
  • Others using your boat (with your permission and provided they’re not under 20 years old)
  • Legal costs
  • Loss or damage due to the vessel being unseaworthy
  • Wear, tear, depreciation or gradual deterioration
  • Theft of outboard motors (unless securely locked and you have the serial number recorded)
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • Loss or damage to personal effects
  • Loss or damage whilst the craft is left unattended afloat for more than 24 hours (unless in a marina or on non-tidal waters)
  • Operation outside of the territorial scope shown in the policy
  • Wilful misconduct or recklessness by you or other persons in control of the vessel
  • Racing or speeding trials
  • Towing of inflatable toys unless otherwise agreed

Why should I consider RIB insurance?

Nothing compares to hitting the open water for a full day of adventure, whether you’re into water sports or simply enjoy cruising the waves.

But as with any powerful craft, there’s always a risk that something could go wrong. Covering yourself with RIB insurance could help you avoid unnecessary stress, and help you get back to doing what you love if anything happens.

Say you lose your boat in a marina fire and can’t afford to replace it. Or you accidentally damage another person’s boat whilst out on your RIB and face paying expensive legal costs if you’re found to be liable.

Specialist RIB insurance could cover you in both circumstances, so you can quickly return to the water.


RIB insurance FAQs

Do you need insurance for a rigid inflatable boat?

While it’s not a legal requirement, many harbours and slipways require proof of RIB insurance to use them so checking this beforehand is a good idea to avoid disappointment.

You might want to consider specialist RIB insurance to protect yourself regardless, so you have peace of mind when cruising the waves.

Through Craftinsure, you can build an online quote in minutes and select the cover options that best suit your needs.

How much does RIB insurance cost?

Through Craftinsure, RIB insurance policies start from £154 annually.

However, several factors affect the overall cost, such as your claims history and the age and value of your boat.

Get an instant online quote to learn the cost of your cover.

Are rigid inflatable boats safe?

Yes—the buoyancy of their tubes makes them popular with the military and emergency services.

They’re lightweight yet sturdy, which helps them maintain stability at high speeds.

However, accidents can still happen, and their popularity makes them a target for thieves.

That’s why you may want to take out specialist RIB insurance, as it’s specifically designed to cover this boat type.

What is a RIB vs SIB?

A RIB (rigid inflatable boat) has a hard hull, which gives it added versatility by allowing it to manoeuvre smoothly through rough waves.

A SIB (soft inflatable boat) has a soft hull, making it easy to deflate and transport out of the water.

However, this also means it’s not as stable or comfortable to use in rougher conditions.

That said, RIBs aren’t completely resistant to accidents. You might want to consider insurance to stay worry-free.

Does RIB insurance cover motors and equipment?

Yes—through Craftinsure, your boat and equipment, including trailers, outboard motors, and fixtures and fittings, are covered.

Theft of outboard motors is only covered if they are securely locked using an anti-theft device, and you must safely record the serial number.

Trailers need to be fitted with a hitch lock and wheel clamp when left unattended.

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