Craftinsure Privacy Policy

Looking after the personal data you share with us is hugely important. We want you to be confident that your data is safe and secure with us, and understand how we use it to offer you a better experience.

What information do we collect about you?

We will only request necessary information from you and we will try to ensure that your details are accurate and kept up to date.

Where we have collected information directly from you it will usually be obvious what this is, as you will have given it to us. This might not be the case where we have used cookies to collect information from your computer or portable electronic devices. Please see our cookies policy for more information.

We collect and use this information as part of your insurance quotation or contract with us, where it is necessary to fulfil a legal obligation, or as part of the establishment or defence of a legal claim.

What do we do with the information we collect, and why?

We use your personal information in order to meet our obligations in our contract of insurance with you. We use your personal information in the following ways:

To provide insurance services

When you request us to provide you with a quote for one of our insurance policies or you purchase an insurance policy from us, we use information about you:

  • To underwrite your boat insurance risk, to quote for, and provide you with boat insurance and any special terms that may apply to that policy
  • To administer your policy and enable the payment of premiums
  • To contact you about the policy (e.g. for renewal purposes)
  • To provide the agreed service if you make a claim.

We cannot provide these services unless we use the information about you in this way.

Do what we are required to do by law

As part of our duty as an insurer providing insurance services, sometimes we are required by law to use information about you:

  • To help make sure our customers are being treated fairly (e.g. to assist our regulators where we have a legal duty to do so);
  • To deal with complaints;
  • To help prevent and detect crime (including, for example, the prevention or detection of fraud)
  • To comply with a legal or regulatory obligation.

We use your personal information in this way because we are required to do so by law.

Prevent fraud occurring

Fraud has an impact on all customers as it increases costs for everyone. We use your personal information to check for signs that a customer might be dishonest (e.g. if someone has behaved dishonestly in the past it may increase the risk they will do so in future).

We may use your personal information in this way because it is in all our customers' interests to ensure that they are not prejudiced due to increased premiums, as a result of a few customers acting dishonestly.

Recover debt

If you owe us money we will use your personal information to help us recover it.

We can use your personal information in this way because it is a necessary part of the contract of insurance. We need to ensure that premiums are paid so that the majority of our customers do not suffer (e.g. through increased premiums) due to the actions of a small minority of customers.

To inform you about and promote products (marketing)

We may use your personal information to offer you suggestions about products and services you might want to buy. We can use your personal information in this way because it is in our legitimate interests to provide you with the right information at the right time.

We will always ensure that we keep the amount of your personal information that we collect and the extent of any processing to the absolute minimum to meet this legitimate interest.

We shall use your personal information for:
a) performing the services which you have requested;
b) for delivering any prizes or discounts which you may be entitled to through promotions or competitions run by us or our partners;
c) for any regulatory or legal purposes imposed on us (for instance for reporting to the Financial Conduct Authority);
d) for informing you about other services and products provided by us or our partners which may be of interest to you (where you have provided your consent);
e) administration and validation required for our recommend a friend programme with MentionMe, regardless of whether you have enrolled in the programme and
f) for any other legitimate interest of ours such as for carrying out credit checks, preventing fraud, maintaining adequate records or for the recovery of unpaid debts.

To administer and improve our service

To administer our services we will share information with others, in particular our underwriters, Navigators & General, part of Zurich Insurance plc whose own Privacy Policy is accessible here

  • In order to enable us to process your claim or administer your insurance policy more cost effectively;
  • To help develop our products, services and systems to deliver you a better sales and claims experience in the future.

We may also ask you to provide feedback on the service we provide to you.We can use your personal information in this way because it is in our legitimate interests to provide our services in the most efficient way. We will always ensure that we keep the amount of your personal information that we collect and the extent of any processing to the absolute minimum to achieve this efficiency.

Who do we share your personal information with and why do we do it?

We may share your personal information with third parties. In particular we share information with:

  • In providing insurance services, it helps us decide what price you should pay for your policy and understand any risks associated with that policy;
  • In identity verification it helps us to check that you are who you say you are and to prevent others from imitating you.
Keeping your details safe

We have used encryption to keep your personal information and credit or debit card account details as secure as possible. We use Secure Trading to provide the highest levels of encryption. Please click on for more information. Your email address and password help us to protect your personal information. You must keep this password safe and not disclose it to anyone. You need your email address and password to access your personal information @ will accept no responsibility or liability if a third-party obtains and uses your email address and/or password. You must tell us immediately if you have lost your password, or if you believe a third-party may have obtained it. You may change your password through the PolicyHolder section of the website. Should you wish to remove any information that we may have recorded about you, please email us at, with full details.

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