Racing Dinghy Insurance

Racing Dinghy

What is dinghy insurance?

Racing dinghy insurance protects your finances if your boat is damaged or stolen. It can also cover you if you’re deemed liable for injuring another person or damaging third-party property.

When armed with a racing dinghy insurance policy, you can sail and race with peace of mind.

Benefits of dinghy insurance through Craftinsure

  • 20 years’ experience 
    We’re boat owners too and have been helping others enjoy their passion for over 20 years. You may well find yourself competing against us on the water!
  • Direct to you
    We can arrange competitive premiums since our Quote and Buy process is entirely online
  • Full racing cover
    Includes racing cover for mast, spars, and sails, alongside automatic cover for all levels of competition

What does racing dinghy insurance cover?

  • Full racing cover for mast, spars and sails
  • Automatic cover for all levels of competition
  • ‘New for Old’ cover (apart from outboard motors)
  • Loss or damage from fire or theft
  • Loss or damage during transit by road
  • Third-party cover up to £5m, including whilst using another boat of the same class
  • Trailers and trolleys
  • Vermin damage
  • Others using your dinghy (with your permission)
  • Up to 30 days use in continental Europe
  • Wear, tear, depreciation or gradual deterioration
  • Loss or damage due to the vessel being unseaworthy
  • Loss or damage whilst the craft is left unattended afloat
  • Loss or damage to personal effects
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • Operation outside of the territorial scope shown in the policy
  • Wilful misconduct or recklessness by you or other persons in control of the vessel

Take a look at the Insurance Product Information Document for full details of the racing dinghy insurance.

Why should I consider racing dinghy insurance?

It’s a real no-brainer when it comes to learning why boaters choose sailing or racing dinghies as their boat of choice—nothing compares to the feeling of being out on the waves with the wind speeding you onward.

But as with any outdoor activity, there’s always the chance that something could go wrong. Taking out racing dinghy insurance can help you feel reassured in the worst-case scenarios.

Say a big gust causes a capsize and you break your mast during a race—it’s a disappointing way to lose, but it’s even worse if you have to pay to replace it yourself. Or you could be unlucky enough to have an accident whilst towing your dinghy to an event.

Specialist dinghy insurance could cover the damage in both circumstances, so you can return to competing in no time.


Racing dinghy insurance FAQs

How much does dinghy insurance cost?

Through Craftinsure, policies start from £53 annually. However, several factors affect the cost of dinghy insurance, including your claims history and the class and price of your boat.

Get an online quote within minutes to discover the cost of your cover.

Do I need insurance for a dinghy?

Whilst dinghy insurance isn’t a legal requirement in the UK, most clubs and events require this. It’s a good idea to check this beforehand to avoid disappointment.

Or you may want to consider specialist insurance to protect yourself regardless, so you have peace of mind no matter where you sail.

Through Craftinsure, you can build your own online quote and select the cover options that best suit your needs.

Where can I take my racing dinghy?

You are covered to use your racing dinghy on inland and coastal waters of the UK and Republic of Ireland as well as up to 30 days in continental Europe.

Loss or damage whilst in transit is also covered.

Am I covered for racing my racing dinghy?

Yes—racing dinghy insurance arranged by Craftinsure includes full racing cover for your boat alongside up to £5m of third-party cover, so you have complete reassurance when competing at all levels.

What else can I do to protect my racing dinghy?

As a policyholder, you’re expected to keep your dinghy and equipment, including trailers, well maintained and do everything you can to protect them against evident dangers.

They should be securely tied down to the ground at dinghy parks when not in use.

Sails and foils should be removed and safely stored ashore where feasible.

Are there any restrictions to this racing dinghy cover?

The exclusions are shown in the ‘What’s not covered’ list above, or in the Insurance Product Information Document.

Alongside this, there are some restrictions on cover, including:

  • You must pay the first part of a claim (the excess)
  • We will not pay more than the boat value or limits shown in your policy
  • You are required to tie your dinghy down whilst left in a dinghy park
  • You need to keep a note of the serial number of any outboard motor
  • If left attached to the boat, outboard motors must be secured with an anti-theft device.

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