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Autumn: End of season advice

  • Make sure dinghies are securely tied down to the ground and slightly bow-up to help water drain off covers
  • Remove boom covers and spray dodgers on bigger boats to reduce windage. And if not removing furling headsails, make sure they are well secured!
  • Check your boat regularly over the winter or arrange for someone locally to do so. Keep an emergency numbers list in your mobile.
  • Keep drainage channels free of leaves and debris so that water doesn’t build up and find it’s way below.
  • Don’t rely on automatic bilge pumps to prevent flooding. Batteries become drained and they are prone to blockages.
  • Make sure your engine has been winterised in accordance with the manufacturer’s advice.
  • Remove electronics and any other valuable items as far as possible to safe storage. Fit good quality locks – don’t let your boat be the easy target.
  • Make a list of what’s been done to winterise the boat to help remember what to reverse in the spring.
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