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Boat Insurance advice from our Underwriting Manager, Rod Daniel

We would normally expect Owners to check their boats on a regular basis, we do appreciate that this may not be possible during this Covid crisis

If your boat is in a marina or boatyard, Boatyard employees may be able to keep an eye on your boat until such time as you are allowed access. Please consider if it might be possible for anyone else who may be located close by to at least view the boat occasionally and inform you if they see anything which might warrant further investigation.

The challenges involved  in checking on your boats will be taken into consideration in the event of any problems which might give rise to a claim. As restrictions are eased, owners should visit and check their boats as soon as regulations allow. 

COVID-19 may curtail boating and sailing activities for a time, and much depends on individual circumstances, we strongly advise customers to keep their boat insurance in force pending a return to more normal times. By far the most common claims are for theft and malicious damage, whilst some of the largest are due to fire. With current circumstances preventing owners from checking their boast as frequently, there are concerns that risks such as these could actually be higher at present.

Just because you cannot use your boat does not mean she will remain undamaged, collision and errors in navigation form the minority of the claims we pay.

Boats kept at many locations such Boat/Yacht club premises, marinas or boatyards willl be required to maintain at least Third Party liability boat insurance.

On the inland waterways, current advice allows for owners to visit their boats on Canal & River Trust waterways in England, and that they may be used for ‘minimum travel’ such as for repair or essential maintenance. Guidance on Environmental Agency waterways is available at The joint owners of the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) have extended the temporary extension for safety certificates for those boat requiring examination to 31st July 2020.

For boaters abroad, Noonsite provides information that may well be helpful.

Due to the online nature of, our staff work at various locations as opposed to a centralised office. We do not therefore expect COVID-19 to have any significant impact on our business operations.

You can update your policy and premium payments or by using our App. Download it here would like to reassure customers that we are committed to maintaining a first-class service during these exceptional times.

See you back on the water soon…

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