• The boat will be kept ashore when not in use.
  • The boat will be maintained in a seaworthy condition.
  • The boat will be securely tied down to the ground whilst left in a dinghy park.
  • The boat will be ashore in transit or afloat on inland & coastal waters of United Kingdom & Ireland, and may be used for 30 days in Europe.
  • The boat will be used for private and pleasure purposes only which includes racing.
  • Any outboard motor will be attached to your dinghy by a purpose manufactured anti theft device , and a note of the serial number of the outboard motor will be retained.
  • Neither I nor any co-owner have any convictions or pending convictions
  • The boat has not been modified in a way that affects its' seaworthiness
  • I have no health issues that affect my ability to operate the boat

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