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As the easing of lock-down measures allows us to get back afloat it will be important to make sure our boats are safe and in tip-top condition and well prepared before we cast off.

In addition to usual pre-season checks and servicing, the delayed start to the season could mean that a more thorough inspection is required.

Securing straps- UV

If your boat has been out in the sun on a trailer, securing straps may have been damaged by ultraviolet light, causing them to become brittle. If they then fail when on the road, the result could be very serious. Tyres, wheel bearings and hitch locks may also need attention.


Having not been able to access our boats for long periods, other problems may come to light when we pull off the covers and open the hatches. If you spot any damage which you suspect may have been caused by unwelcome visitors or anything missing, contact us as quickly as possible and report theft or vandalism to the police.

Bilges/Stern Gland/Seacocks

If your boat has been left afloat, it will be important to inspect the bilges for any sign of leaks and to ensure stern glands and seacocks receive any overdue maintenance. Anodes may need to be replaced and batteries fully recharged.

Check and replace any suspect hoses and jubilee clips (always doubling up clips) and ensure your cooling water pump is operating effectively before you set off.


Also check that electrical systems are functioning properly and that there’s been no damage to wiring.

Check batteries for bilge pumps etc work and batteries are holding their charge


Plan any passages even more carefully than usual, making sure that you are fully aware of any restrictions that may be in place at ports or harbours you intend to visit  (or might have to), and bearing in mind that regulations may even continue to vary in different parts of the UK.

Enjoy Getting back on the water, but respect all Govt and RYA guidelines and do so safely

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