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Once winter is over, we can start looking towards the season ahead. Based on past experience, here's some pre-season advice to help ensure you get the best out of your boat during the coming year.

• Hull - Ensure that any drain plugs or other hull fittings removed during the winter have been replaced before launching (or instruct your boat yard to do so)!

• Rig - Check your rig for any signs of corrosion (especially around fittings), and for any missing pins or other components. Tape up any which could come loose. Catastrophic rig failures have occurred for the sake of a missing clevis pin costing pence! Replace any worn running rigging.

• Engines - Check the condition of hoses and clips. Replace any suspect hoses and any clips which show signs of corrosion. Make sure jubilee clips are tight and doubled up. Take a look at drive belts - do they need to be tightened or replaced?

• Fuel - Check flexible fuel hoses, tanks and filler caps (including seals) for any sign of leaks or deterioration.

• Electrics – Switch on electrics and ensure supplies and electrical equipment function correctly. If in doubt, obtain expert advice. Electrical faults are the main cause of fires.

• Trailers - check tyres, bearings and hitch mechanisms. Corrosion, particularly at the hitch point, is a common cause of failures.

• Securing straps - As well as general wear and tear, ultraviolet light can cause straps to become brittle.

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