Boating Advice

Spring: Pre-season checks

  • Look for any missing pins or loose fittings.
  • Inspect the rig for any signs of corrosion – especially around rivets and terminals
  • Make sure any steps taken to winterise such as rags in air intakes have been reversed.
  • Hoses and clips. Check for tightness and replace any that are suspect.
  • Belts – again check condition and tightness.
Hull and other equipment
  • Ensure any hull fittings removed during the winter have been replaced.
  • Electrical systems. Replace any faulty or suspect components or wiring – a common cause of fires.
  • Flexible fuel pipes, filler caps and hoses, including seals. Check for any signs of deterioration or leaks.
  • Wheel bearings
  • Corrosion
  • Hitch mechanisms
  • Securing straps – check for wear and tear and damage caused by UV light which can cause them to become brittle
Safety equipment:
  • Fire extinguishers should be still in date and fully charged.
  • Number and condition of life jackets and buoyancy aids.
  • Distress flares ands any other safety devices.
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